Alternative Healing Sessions

These sessions are carried out with meditative and non-meditative techniques.

Inner child work:  Every adult has a child within and every child has adult. This process is to go back in time, in a relaxed and light state, to discover the hurt, confused, and vulnerable child carried within us as we grow up in life. It helps by releasing an intense emotional catharsis of traumatic childhood memories. When childhood pain has not been resolved and emerges in the adult, it can produce a whole host of symptoms, including guilt, shame, depression, low self-esteem, self-destructive behaviors, attention deficit disorder and other form of mal-adaptive behavior and it will be carried forward till the end of life. This process will help you to be free from this fixed pattern of behavior and allow one to live in the present, in reality.

Radiant relationship:  as a human being we live with group, family, and friends or colleagues. We encounter many problems dealing these relationships whether they are homely affairs or business affairs.  “I hate you or I love you “come from how I perceive you.  Problem in relationship needs an insight within the self to find the root cause of its origin. By being consciously aware of it, gives us a freedom and choice at that moment to move ahead from it and focus in our life. This view of problem will break our perception and make us to look the reality and will ultimately help us to take appropriate decision and behavior in regards to relationships.

Emotional freedom technique (EFT): life is a continuous process. We come across many situations in day to day life. Some are good experiences and some are not so good.  Many a time such experiences have profound impact on us. We carry them within us till the end of life. We receive, reaction, behave decide according to the past experience which we have gone through.These behavior or emotions were justified in past but most of time not in present. we carry some grief, guilt, injustice, hatred, anger due to this experience as it is stored within us in our cells. This technique allows one to free from these experiences so that one can start a fresh and have more comfortable life.  Many of our diseases or pathologies are nothing but the crystallization of these memories in one of the vulnerable part of the body and this technique helps us to become free from them.

Past life regression/exploration:  many fears, phobia, problems, turmoil, physical and emotional weakness or issues we encounter in our life has deeper root cause to it. By re-living that root cause can relieve us. this process allow us to go deeper into the consciousness and get message from the consciousness which help us to relieve from the past and travel ahead in the present and future which is in our hand. We live a pattern not from the moment we become conscious and aware but possibly from the time we were in mother’s womb or beyond it. This session helps to find out many of the answers which are unanswered and help us to get rid from it.

Rebirthing breath work: breath is life. Oxygen is life. Most of our negativity or toxins can be released from body by having healthy, positive cosmic breathing.  This session allow us to surpass the logical mind and just follow or become the breath/life which help us in nullifying the negative and allowing all the toxins and negativity to move out from within.

Homeopathy treats an individual as a whole and not just a part of body